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Happiness is extremely good for business

Happiness is a word with many meanings. For many it’s an aspiration. A vague goal. For others it’s an almost elusive, fleeting state. But in the workplace, it’s more clearly defined. Happiness at work is first and foremost a listening process. What do your employees want to feel comfortable and stimulated during their time working? What are the optimum physical working conditions? And more importantly, what is the nature of their interactions with other workers, their managers and leaders?

What is now accepted and validated by both case studies and science, is that a business that invests in growing employee happiness is investing in business success.  Escalating competition, pressure to innovate, shifting customer attitudes plus the need to attract and keep the best talent now make workplace culture, happiness and engagement a game-changer for all businesses.

When your workers are happy – in that they feel validated and supported, properly recognized and working comfortably in a team that’s aligned to making a meaningful difference – they’re more creative, more adaptable, more collaborative and significantly more productive.

In fact the Harvard Business Review quotes a report from Gallup along with Martin Seligman showing that happiness at work can lead to a 300% more innovation, 37% increase in sales and a 31% increase in productivity!

The same report also attributed happiness at work for 66% less sick leave and 51% lower staff turnover. Clearly happiness at work, works.

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