In a disrupted world, connection to your employees is everything.
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The last 2 years of the COVID pandemic have reshaped much of our world. One of the most dramatically altered is the relationship between employees and businesses.

Consistency and trust have melted away. Remote working and the likelihood that flexible working arrangements will continue has damaged team dynamics and collaboration.

Employees at all levels have had the opportunity to re-organise their priorities. And no surprise that dedication to work and willingness to put in long hours week-after-week has slipped down the list.

Rising individualism and a ‘me over we’ mentality is stressing empathy between colleagues and presenting new challenges to leadership.

Responding to this in ways that re-establish team cohesion, collaboration, innovation and alignment so your business is able to meet challenges and sustain effective performance requires two key realisations:

Tickled Pink is a team of organisational culture experts, brand strategists and coaches backed by a clinical psychologist. 

We work with CEOs, leadership, HR and people / culture teams to help you reconnect with your people.  We’ll show your senior employees how to move from management to effective, empathetic human leadership. And we’ll help you gather your employee tribe around a dynamic vision, purpose and culture that meets their needs for a meaningful employee experience, a sense of belonging and more agency over their own lives.

The results we see from our work include increased productivity, closer team relationships, stronger team spirit, deeper and more genuine employee engagement and higher levels of staff retention.

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‘We’ve seen a fundamental shift in how people think about their sense of agency over their lives. This rise of a ‘me-over-we’ mentality has profound implications for organizations in how they lead their employees.’
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