If you want to grow your business, begin by growing your people.
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The power of happiness.

Tickled Pink is a team of passionate consultants, backed by ground-breaking analytics, technologies and methodologies. We train leaders and design internal organisational ecosystems so businesses grow by growing their people.  

Our team includes brand strategists, business and leadership coaches, sustainability change-makers, workplace wellness experts and movement coaches. Our mission is to help organisations dramatically boost productivity and performance by resetting the focus of your team to a purpose-driven, values-based culture that generates happiness and fulfilment for all employees.

Other outcomes include better understanding of leadership abilities and responsibilities, increased desire to innovate and collaborate, higher levels of mental-emotional resilience plus an holistic understanding of the potential you have as an aligned organisation to create meaningful, positive change both within and beyond your doors.

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Working with Tickled Pink has been a truly rewarding and worthwhile experience. While we had recognised the need ourselves to look at our values, vision and overall culture, we needed help to guide us along a journey. Jerry and team did a great job in that regard, so that we have come out of the experience with a unified sense of what we are doing, why, and with some clear guidelines about how to get where we want to go.
David Thomas, Head of Kantar TNS New Zealand
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