Jerry Beale

Jerry is Tickled Pink’s Chief Happiness Officer.


Briar Harland

Briar is Tickled Pink’s consulting clinical psychologist.


Claire O'Neill

Claire is Tickled Pink’s senior movement coach

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Rod Fielder

Rod leads Tickled Pink’s wellness programme.

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Extended team and friends

Supporting the core team is a circle of trusted consultants and specialist allies with whom we regularly partner to deliver larger scale programmes. These include the following:

Ekopep – An advanced analytics-based people and culture toolbox to manage organisational health and create a healthy operating culture through accurate real-time insights.

Nice1 – Designs and delivers unique employee benefit packages delivered under your brand, direct to employees.

RawEnerchi – Specialist training and raw food studio. Key partner in our Resilient Wellness programme design and delivery.

Mac Macartney – UK based but globally active business leadership coach, sustainability advocate, change-maker, speaker and author. Mac is available to support and advise Tickled Pink in the design and delivery of internal transformation programmes.

Awakening Life Foundation – US-based non-profit learning organisation working with corporates and individuals to support the human pursuit of what matters most.  Including the life-changing Warrior Monk retreat experience for men and women.

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