How we work

Our methodologies:

We apply a suite of structured tools and designed processes developed in conjunction with data scientists and a clinical psychologist covering Happiness, Critical Purpose, Values and Culture evaluation and creation. These include analytics and globally benchmarked surveys.

Our Resilient Wellness programme has been designed and is led by some of New Zealand’s top wellness trainers and educators.

Our process:

As technology spreads, human interaction becomes even more important. Whether leading a small group listening session, or a much larger full team immersion workshop, we put people before process. Our eyes and ears are following body language, levels of engagement, feedback and styles of participation. 

We aim to deliver experiences that people remember for all the right reasons – then see these translate into measurable business performance gains!

We work through 4 stages:                                                               

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Follow-up sessions and success bench-marking are part of every proposal. Both business and personal confidentiality are regarded as sacred.


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