What We Do

We’ve spent 7 years refining our suite of methodologies. Now at a time when businesses and organisations everywhere are under intense pressure to meet shifting employee needs and perform in an uncertain and volatile commercial environment, we offer a core suite of 3 products that make an important and tangible difference.

Each can be delivered either in-person on-site, or remotely through digital video. We can also adapt the content and focus of what we do to integrate with already established development programmes – or customized to match a specific situation or organizational context.



Leadership: the inside job

Our lead coaches work closely with both individuals and small groups, including established and emerging leaders. Our focus is to draw out the inherent leadership abilities within each person, grounded in better understanding of their own story and the experiences that have helped form them into adult men and women. This deeper self-understanding is channeled into better recognition of the potential and challenges faced by their team. As leaders, they learn how to be more emotionally available and to forge more open, empathetic connections with those who look to them for guidance and support.  Better self-care, healthy boundaries and creating psychological safety are core to this work. Our coaching is informed by Brené Brown, Jerry Colonna and Simon Sinek.

"Happy employees mean better bottom-line results."

Gallup Healthways study 2008

Work as Tribe

Work is no longer just work – at least for many millions of us. The work we do within the organisations and businesses that harness our skills and energies enables our lives, ambitions, and hopes. Our work is also increasingly where we experience the longest periods of sustained human contact. The place we occupy in the team is where we seek to make a positive difference. This nourishes our sense of worth and fuels our need for relatedness. In a time where connectivity and social contact come more and more via a screen, businesses must focus on rebuilding cohesion and trust between team members.

Tickled Pink’s Work as Tribe methodologies examine what employees really value from their work experience and team culture, alongside what they want to contribute. Through a series of live or online workshops, we build a culture blueprint that is complementary to the business vision. Then guide your employees to bring this to life via a team-owned, values-based culture in action. This blueprint is customised to your organisation, and brought powerfully to life with an experiential launch.

Work as Tribe has been applied to organisations in New Zealand and Australia, and acts a powerful reset of your organisational culture that rebuilds team connections after the sustained disruption of the past 2 years.

This side of our work is strongly based on the idea of the Deliberately Developmental Organisation as described in the book ‘An Everyone Culture’ by Kegan and Lahey.


“88% of business leaders say an internal purpose creates value for customers, while 73% say it inspires innovation and positive change”


Harvard Business Review ‘The Business Case for Purpose’

Finding North

Every business now finds themselves swimming in a shifting sea of change, incessant innovation and uncertainty. Survival and success require a blend of strategic foresight, accurate insight and in-built adaptability.

Finding North is a series of structured, highly collaborative workshops that examine things inside your operation and on the outside. We identify strengths, opportunities and flaws within – then look beyond into the areas of economy, society, environment and technology to spot trends and coming shifts that you need to either mitigate or can potentially capitalize on. The process guides you through a discovery journey, arriving at powerfully future-relevant strategic compass bearing. A strong, motivating business vision and impact, connecting to a differentiated customer value proposition and magnetizing employee value proposition – supported by team values and a culture of belonging that aligns everyone.

As one of our clients put it “Our vision and purpose are our hoe whakatere (steering paddle), our culture is our waka and our values become our hoe (paddles)”

“Your vision should challenge and galvanise every member of your team; every human being on your waka.”



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