What We Do

We deliver a suite of technologically supported, people-led processes that deepen your employee engagement and drive business performance.

Then because health and well-being are central to happiness, we also lead a structured holistic wellness programme that boosts self-awareness then builds mental and emotional resilience as well as a healthy body-mind connection for all employees.



Employee Happiness and Engagement

What are the levels of happiness among your team, your leaders? What fulfills them as individuals, and as a collective working together? How adept is your business at facilitating this, and how can you sustain even deeper engagement?

Using ground-breaking diagnostic / people analytics alongside proven survey methodology, we measure the relationship between the business and employees at all levels. This covers (but is not limited) to effectiveness of on-boarding, trending levels of engagement including predictive warning signs of dissatisfaction and disgruntlement, plus employees' own sense of personal direction and holistic wellness.

Results are presented in an easy-to-read, graphic analysis that includes bench-marking together with prioritised actions.

"Happy employees mean better bottom-line results."

Gallup Healthways study 2008

Critical Purpose and Values

What is it that brings every one of your employees to work each day with energy, enthusiasm and a sense of aligned purpose? We work with your leaders and your wider team to discover, test and then embed an emotionally-based, idealistically inspiring Critical Purpose that brings your team together each day.

Then we follow a similar interactive process to define a concise set of behavioural standards or Values that guide how your whole team operates, including training leaders and managers in authentically modelling these.


“88% of business leaders say an internal purpose creates value for customers, while 73% say it inspires innovation and positive change”


Harvard Business Review ‘The Business Case for Purpose’

Alignment and culture

How can your values be brought to life through an employee-owned workplace culture? How can this contribute to an even better employee experience? Using guided discovery workshops, we explore how your team can bring your values alive on personal terms, and how this creates alignment to your Critical Purpose. Then we collaborate to design then hand over a unique cultural blueprint that your employees manage and sustain alongside your leaders.

“94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.”


Resilient Wellness for businesses

Tickled Pink’s own wellness team delivers an interactive programme designed to develop holistic well-being throughout your employees, with a particular emphasis on developing strategies for managing stress then building mental and emotional resilience.

The programme is delivered through live workshops and supported through digital channels and demonstration videos with exercises and effective tools. Content is divided into 4 streams: quiet, diet, happiness and movement.

"Businesses that focus on their employees’ holistic wellbeing see a 20% increase in both individual and team productivity, whilst increased wellbeing doubles job satisfaction."

Gallup Healthways study 2008

Mindfulness exercises and training

Put simply, mindfulness is being intentionally aware: taking notice of what’s happening both inside and around of ourselves, as a way of finding clarity amid the rush and bustle of our busy life.

The benefits of an organised mindfulness practice are now appreciated throughout the business world, and supported by scientific evidence. They include improvements in innovative thinking, clearer decision making and communication, better responses to stress and increased self-awareness. 

We offer a range of mindfulness options from introductory talks and sessions, facilitated weekly group meditations, to focused one-on-one regimes and mindfulness retreats tailored for your business.

"Among senior executives who took the course, 80 per cent reported a positive change in their ability to make better decisions, while 89 per cent said they became better listeners."

Report on General Mills ‘Mindful Leadership Program’ August 2012.
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