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healing organization

How every organisation can be a healing organisation - and your employees will love you for it!

In this extraordinary well-informed talk 'The healing organisation' by 'Firms of Endearment' author, Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and world-renowned business thought leader Raj Sisodia, he powerfully explains the potential that every business organisation has to consciously choose to alleviate suffering and elevate joy among their workers. At a time when 87% of workers worldwide are disengaged at work, there's also an epidemic of silent suffering among employees. Sisodia tells that much of this 'psychic suffering' is self-inflicted. But a great deal comes directly from the circumstances of their employment. Poor management, dysfunctional work relationships, outright bullying, escalating stress, the feeling that they can't be open about the challenges they're facing in their personal lives - instead having to wear a brave 'game face' every day regardless of what they're feeling inside. The truth is that every employer and business leader has not just an opportunity but a responsibility to intentionally put your people at the centre of your strategies. Those that do so, and put in place policies, behaviours and proper management imperatives that focus on using their employer-employee relationship to alleviate suffering, restore human dignity and elevate joy see more than stellar business performance. They see engagement rocket up, workplace relationships flourish and the entire tenor of their organisation transform!

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