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The gift of going deep

English storyteller and mythopoetic Dr Martin Shaw says “human beings are made slowly”. Yet at all levels of our society, it seems we are seeking velocity.


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Attention everyone: the business will be shut on Thursday as we’re taking out our own appendix.

The idea of a purpose-led business is now ingrained as a key driver of strong employee alignment, an attractive Employee Value Proposition and a differentiated, superior customer experience.


democratisation of vision

The democratisation of vision

Leaders have always been responsible for setting the course. For deciding upon the objective, then leading a senior team to devise a strategy to reach it.


business as community

Now here’s a radical idea: running your business as a community.

I’ve worked within and alongside many organisations in the UK, USA, Asia and seen how they managed both their internal workings and external relationships in order to maximise the profit...


organizational purpose

What’s lies beneath organisational purpose?

As an organisational alignment tool and an extra reason to consider a brand, purpose has been around for a while.


simon sinek

Not retaining focus on your company purpose and nourishing a healthy culture is just as much a choice as effectively embedding both!

A relatively short interview with the guy who is reshaping leadership thinking for the modern age.



For tips on aligning all your employees to a purpose, ask a caveman.

Creating a focused, and ultimately more productive business by aligning your team to a commonly-held purpose is a relatively recent concept.


3 legged stool

A healthy, high-performing workplace is a 3-legged stool.

As I work within an increasingly wide range of workplace environments, from corporates to service providers to retailers, I’m aware that many business leaders have genuinely good intentions when it...


richard branson

The big lesson New Zealand business has to learn.

I’m proud to call myself a Kiwi. Even though I wasn’t born here, I now call New Zealand home. I have 3 amazing children who are New Zealanders.


healing organization

How every organisation can be a healing organisation - and your employees will love you for it!

In this extraordinary well-informed talk 'The healing organisation' by 'Firms of Endearment' author, Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and world-renowned business thought leader Raj Sisodia, he powerfully explains the...


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