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Rituals are an important pillar of your business's internal culture.

Once upon a time when we lived in clans, tribes, villages and other micro-communities, we used different rituals to help define our identity. These ceremonies were used to educate and affirm. They were created to signify important transitions, celebrate milestones like a successful forage for food or in preparation for the harvest. And crucially, they became a vital self-expression of who we were as a group; they showed that we belonged, and that we weren't like everyone else.

The role of ritual is very much the same in business. Some are heavily functional like the gathering of those responsible for a particular task in order to plan its accomplishment. Others are purely there to signify belonging - to unite your employees as a tribe of professionals behind your business's critical purpose. These rituals are a celebration of your culture and a time to bring your values to the fore. They are the fuel that energises your team and tops up their belief in your critical purpose.


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